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seeing, eye

para_success in any_bodied_men

why do you like trans guys?

Hi all. I'm working on a personal project and looking for some feedback from any/all guys attracted to ftms. This is not school related, and does not involve anything that might become public information in any way. I have four pretty basic questions to answer. I will be happy to tell anyone who wants to respond about the project in more detail. Email me- profanetheater at gmail. Thanks!

Edit: This post is not the question; it is simply a request for those who are willing to answer some questions that are more specific.


I can't think of many answers to this question that aren't just generalizations when it comes down to it. I could tell you the reasons why I have been attracted to particular individuals, but that's all.
Dump the word "trans" in front of "guys" and we might have a talking point.